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Zola Christmas Whisper

Zola Christmas Whisper

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Net Weight: Available in 100g and 200g

Unveil the serenity of the holiday season with our Zola Christmas Whisper soy wax candle container. The name Zola resonates with tranquility across many African languages, perfectly embodying the essence of a Christmas fairy's delicate magic. This candle is a poetic blend of scents that captures the mystical beauty of a peaceful winter night.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top: The scent opens with a fruity melody, a whimsical dance of sweet and tangy aromas that awaken your senses.
  • Middle: Transitioning to the heart, a bouquet of floral notes blooms, embodying the grace and elegance of a fairy's whisper.
  • Bottom: The journey concludes with the comforting warmth of vanilla and musk, creating a cocoon of softness that lingers in the air, reminiscent of a fairy's gentle touch.

Crafted from sustainable soy wax, phthalate, and paraben-free fragrance oils, Zola Christmas Whisper is an eco-conscious choice for those seeking a touch of magic and peace in their festive celebrations. Light this candle and let its enchanting whisper fill your home with the tranquil spirit of an African Christmas.

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