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Safari Sweet Pea Car Diffuser

Safari Sweet Pea Car Diffuser

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Net Volume: 10ml

Embark on an aromatic adventure with our Safari Sweet Pea car diffuser. This fragrance captures the spirit of a safari - a journey through uncharted territories filled with wonder and discovery. The scent is inspired by the vibrant landscapes of Africa and the delicate, refreshing aroma of sweet peas.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top: The journey begins with a tantalizing burst of pineapple and plumeria, reminiscent of a tropical paradise.
  • Middle: Sweet pea and strawberry merge harmoniously, conjuring images of blooming fields under the African sun.
  • Bottom: The scent concludes with a grounding blend of clover, musk, and sandalwood, adding depth and a hint of mystery to the fragrance.

Crafted from a high-quality diffuser base and phthalate and paraben-free fragrance oil, Safari Sweet Pea ensures a safe and environmentally friendly way to enhance your driving experience.

How to Use Our Car Diffuser:

  1. Remove the Exterior Wooden Cork and Plastic Stopper: First, carefully take off the exterior wooden cork, then gently pull out the plastic stopper that seals the bottle. This step readies the diffuser for use.
  2. Reattach the Wooden Cork: Once the plastic stopper is removed, immediately reattach the wooden cork securely to the bottle. This will prevent any spills while allowing the fragrance to diffuse.
  3. Invert the Bottle Briefly: With the wooden cork securely in place, gently invert the bottle for 1-2 seconds. This action allows the fragrance oil to slightly moisten the cork, activating the diffusion process.
  4. Place in Your Car: Set the diffuser in a stable and upright position in your car, such as in a cup holder or a secure compartment on the dashboard.
  5. Refresh the Scent as Needed: To maintain or enhance the fragrance intensity, you can occasionally repeat the inversion step. Ensure the cork is always securely attached to prevent any spills.

By following these instructions, you can safely enjoy the serene and luxurious scent of our car diffuser, transforming your car into a tranquil haven.

Safety Tips for Using Our Car Diffuser:

  1. Care with Surfaces: To keep your car's interior looking great, we recommend avoiding contact between the diffuser liquid and car surfaces. If any spills occur, wipe them away promptly.
  2. Keep it Upright: Always keep your diffuser upright to enjoy the fragrance without any fuss.
  3. Out of Reach: Like any car accessory, it's best to keep the diffuser out of reach of children and pets.
In Case of Ingestion: While our fragrance oil is safe for its intended use, it's not for consumption. If ingested, just take a simple precaution and consult a doctor.
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