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Madagascar Berry

Madagascar Berry

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Madagascar Berry invites you to explore the lush landscapes of Madagascar through scent. It begins with the luscious notes of blueberry and orange, reminiscent of the exotic fruits found in this biodiverse paradise. As the fragrance unfolds, it encounters a heart of marionberries, roses, and almonds, weaving together the unique and delightful flavors of Madagascar. The scent embodies the feeling of being immersed in the vibrant and diverse flavors of Madagascar, creating a sensory journey that celebrates this extraordinary island. With each inhalation of Madagascar Berry, you're transported to the captivating landscapes of Madagascar, where the scent tells the sweet and fruity story of this remarkable destination.

Scent Profile:

  • Top Notes: Blueberry (sweet and fruity), Orange (citrusy and tangy)
  • Heart Notes: Spice, Marionberries, Rose (floral and romantic)
  • Base Note: Almonds

Product Specifications:

  • Net Weight: 200g.
  • Burn Time: 45 Hours.
  • Wax Type: Soy Wax.
  • Fragrance Oils Used: Phthalate and Paraben Free.

Hand-poured & Proudly made in Kenya

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