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Blossoms of Kilimanjaro

Blossoms of Kilimanjaro

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Blossoms of Kilimanjaro invites you on an aromatic ascent, celebrating the serene might of Africa's tallest peak. Beginning with the zest of grapefruit and the sweet caress of melon, this scent journey mimics the crisp air of dawn at the mountain's base. As you climb, heart notes of cyclamen, jasmine, and heliotrope bloom forth, capturing the mountain's diverse flora. The ascent culminates with the comforting embrace of cherry blossom, musk, and white amber, echoing the majestic silence of the summit.

Inspired by the grandeur of Kilimanjaro, this fragrance embodies the spirit of exploration. From the initial zesty awakening to the tranquil rhythm at the peak, Blossoms of Kilimanjaro is an olfactory homage to the adventurers, the dreamers, and the marvels that frame our world.

Fragrance Journey:

Top Notes:

  • Grapefruit: The invigorating start of an ascent.
  • Melon: Sweet, refreshing clarity.

Heart Notes:

  • Cyclamen: Subtle, mountain-side florals.
  • Jasmine: Rich, sun-kissed blooms.
  • Heliotrope: The gentle warmth of the high-altitude sun.

Base Notes:

  • Cherry Blossom: The ethereal beauty of the heights.
  • Musk: The comforting warmth of achievement.
  • White Amber: The serene embrace of nature's grandeur.

Product Specifications:

  • Net Weight: 200g.
  • Burn Time: 45 Hours.
  • Wax Type: Soy Wax.
  • Fragrance Oils Used: Phthalate and Paraben Free.

Hand-poured & Proudly made in Kenya

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